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Minecraft Data ID References

Wherein the author presents a Minecraft Data Reference.

I have played Minecraft for a few months, and enjoy making monumental architecture.  Though I’ve mostly played on either a local world, or private servers, lately I’ve been giving Reddit’s Minecraft Public Creative Server a shot, where my username is ”Delusionn”. On these types of servers, items are created by commands, so having an item list is handy.

While Minecraft Wiki has a useful reference,  my girlfriend preferred to not switch away from movies she was watching on a second monitor, so she made herself a placemat-sized printed copy of an existing reference, which I later cleaned up significantly.  Eventually, when Minecraft Beta 1.2_02 came out, which made the reference obsolete, and she had decided an 8.5 x 11 inch double sided reference which was heavily laminated would be much more convenient.  It turns out, it was, so I use it, too.

Only the game icons are rasterized, so it’s easy to read and looks good.  I’ve made two versions, the second version includes a quick reference to Reddit Minecraft Public Creative Server commands, banned items, and URLs to Reddit’s wiki and current Creative map.  If you play on that server, you may find the additional information helpful if you are a new user.  If you don’t play there, or just want the raw item ID page, the first one will be more appropriate.

Minecraft Data Reference

Minecraft Data Reference - Reddit Public Creative Server

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in April 22nd, 2011 @ 15:04

How about updating your most excellent reference guide to the latest minecraft beta release (v1.5)? Thanks!