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Milli Vanilli strike again, which is doubly impressive since one’s dead.

Mythrandia of Thistledown has the honor of being Asheron’s Call’s first level 10 monarch. Being that she plays an Aluvian character, that’s High Queen Mythrandia to you.

Unfortunately, in the words of a quickly-recalled Barbie doll, “Math is hard”. Except that it’s not.

Here’s a rundown: to get to allegiance level x, you need 2^x followers. For example,

level 1 = 2^1 = 2 followers
level 2 = 2^2 = 4 followers
level 3 = 2^3 = 8 followers

level 10 = 2^10 = 1024 followers

Simple enough? Good. It gets less simple. 1024 followers by itself isn’t enough. You have to have your 1024 followers arranged in your allegiance so that each person has two vassals underneath them, and that doesn’t happen without extreme planning. So actually getting to allegiance level 10 is going to require a lot more than 1024 vassals unless you arrange them perfectly. Here’s the problem: Mythandria has less than 800 vassals, yet has reached the 10th level of allegiance. Accident? Bad math? Not hardly. See what she has to say about it:

My friend who happens to be an arcane mastermind discovered an elite method of creating people out of thin air using his arcane prowess and ultimately the benefit conferred from such knowlege was the creation of rank 10 level 2 mules :)

I logon one day and reap the benefits. We pass the benefits on to many members of the allegiance.

I laugh a bit, enjoy a little fun, then goto bed and take off for school in the morning.

Get back from school, login, message Jesse and ask him if he needs an explanation of the bug. Jesse already knows about it and they have a handle on the thing.

Foster replicates the bug on the same server and pops into the dev chat and tells ppl that he has done so :)

We all run around as high kings for a few days and have a lovely time.

This is a place where you can respond to our actions and tell me what you think about what we have done.

It’s fun to go around with a title of “High Queen”. It’s fun to have a one-hit halbard in UO, too. It’s fun to be the first no matter how you get there.

Then it’s fun to lord it over other people who have recruited in an attempt to gain allegiance levels legitimately. It’s fun to pretend like being the knowing beneficiary of an exploit is so very different than if you had engaged in the exploit directly.

After all, the best way to repay Turbine’s policy of treating its customers with respect and not going after people who find exploits is to flaunt it rather than report it to the development staff.

Rob Pilatus died for your sins. [dead link]

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Jesse is the development staff.